About us

As I began my journey of drinking wines I found myself second guessing my selections every time I ventured to order a bottle. Paralyzed by the opinions of the wine snobs and overwhelming choices.

One visit to Napa led to a significant moment in my education about wine. I got to spend the day with an older winemaker and learned a lot about the process during our visit. Many questions were asked about the vines, equipment, and harvest. At one point though I posed to him a deeper question based on my fears of picking the wrong bottle. "Mr. Martin, what is good wine?". "Well Mark, whatever you like is good and possibly even great wine. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Sharing wine with special people and how you match it with food makes it even better. Never let someone diminish the wine flavors you love. This is about having fun and creating moments. Enjoy each scent. Every small taste."

This is what Dagmar is all about. Finding great wine profiles from amazing California vineyards for you to enjoy with me. The wines I bottle have a power and finesse that I just go crazy for and I want to share the rare finds with you.

Each year my little wine making team and I search California for the best. We take and bottle only those select wines that we feel are going to excite your senses and make that meal even more enjoyable.

I can't wait for you to share this journey with us. Don’t be surprised to find me acquiring the gems, weird blends, and hidden barrels just waiting to reach your glass. Each style is always in limited quantities every harvest year. I want you to enjoy something special.

Thank you so much for your interest. Thank you for your support and I thank you for your desire to take this journey with my little group of wine lovers.

Dagmar Vineyards

Mark, Lara, and Marki

Below is the Star Sommelier we seek out for tough evaluations and beautifully written reviews and our Star Winemaker that helps us create exceptional wines.  

The unexplainable amazing palates that help steer the ship.

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